Friday, July 11, 2014

Challenge Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of our Summer Learning Series!  I wanted to address a few common questions before we get into this week’s challenge.

- It’s ok if you’re behind on some of the challenges!  Catch up as you can!
- YES, anyone can fill out the Google Forms
- If you need to see the other challenges, scroll under this email.  Every time I email out I include past challenges.

We are now up to over 1,500 people taking part in the Summer Learning Series.  It’s been really amazing to see the conversations and tweets happening over on the #SummerLS hashtag!

This week’s challenge is a fairly easy one.

One great way to continue learning is by listening to Podcasts.  I drive 30 miles one way every day to work and to make it go faster I listen while I drive!

So your challenge this week is to listen to three episodes of a podcast and tweet about each one as you listen to them!

Listed below are some of my favorite podcasts!

EduAllStars - I have to of course mention this podcast specially.  This is a podcast that I co-started and still co-host.  We interview people in education who inspire us.  My co-hosts Chris Kesler and Keegan Waid are amazing.  We’ve interviewed Olympic Gold Medalists, 15 year old inventors, company start ups, Principals, Teachers, Librarians, Instructional Coaches, Superintendents, and even the US Secretary of Education.  We air an interview a week and plan on our next one being this Sunday at 8pm CST.  You can watch them live by checking out or you can listen to/watch any of the recordings! We interview someone different each week and you can get updates by following @EduAllStarsHQ on twitter.

Here are some other great podcasts

So spend some time this week learning through audio and video from others!  Did I not include a podcast you love?  Tweet out your favorite!

And after you listen to 3 episodes fill out this Google Form.

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