Friday, July 25, 2014

Challenge Week 8

Can you believe it?  We're already at the final full week of July!  I'm really excited about sharing the challenges with you this week.

As you know, since I started doing this Summer Learning series 8 weeks ago,  I've constantly wanted to show the power of connection.  The power of social media.  Every week I've brought you challenges and videos made by my friends.  And the coolest part?  Every single challenge, every single week, is by someone who I met online through Twitter.

This week is a 3-parter!  Don't worry, it's not a ton of work :) There's just so much goodness to share this week!  And remember TWEET out your learning using the #SummerLS hashtag!

Part 1:

My good friend Erin Klein (the author of Kleinspiration) is the educator bringing you the first challenge for this week.  It's all about Classroom Design!! You can watch here challenge video HERE.

The first part of the challenge is to sign up for Erin's FREE Webinar happening this Tuesday at 2pm CST.  You can sign up for the Webinar HERE.

The second part of Erin's challenge is to visit Classroom Cribs and sign up for the email list serve to know when the website launches!

Once you've signed up for Erin's webinar and the Classroom Cribs email list serve fill out THIS Google Form.

Part 2:

Two weeks ago, Chris Kesler made you a video teaching you about Google Forms.  Well this week my good friend (and fellow Tech NinjaStacey Huffine has created you a video teaching you some tips and tricks about Google Docs.  If you haven't used, or aren't using, Google Docs, I can't express enough how much easier my life has become since using all the great Google Drive tools!

You can watch Stacey's video HERE.

Your challenge this week is to create a Google Doc, share it with someone, and use some of the tips/tricks Stacey has shown you!  Once you've done that fill out THIS Google Form.

Part 3:

About a year ago I read a post that Angela Maiers had shared, written by Arin Kress.  Before I share with you Arin's post, I wanted to first share with you the video she has made for you for the third part of this week's challenge.  You can watch Arin's video HERE.

The post that Arin wrote is HERE and that is where you can read the letter she sent out to her students.

In Arin's video she also mentions Angela's #YouMatter TED Talk.  You can find that TED talk HERE.

I can't express enough how much this part means to me.  I myself wrote a letter like this to my students last year.  The last day of school I had a very tearful exchange with a parent about the huge impact that one little letter had.  You can read about my experience HERE.

Once you've completed Arin's challenge and wrote your own letter to your future students fill out THIS Google Form.

Thank you so much for joining us each and every week!  Have fun learning this week and remember TWEET out your learning using the #SummerLS hashtag!

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