Friday, August 1, 2014

Challenge Week 9

We're at week 9!  And also, August 1!  Man the time has flown by!  It looks like we only have 2 more weeks of the #SummerLS left.  But don't fret.  My plan is to continue doing challenges, once a month, throughout the school year.

First of all, if you missed Erin Klein's Classroom Design webinar last week, you can watch it HERE.

Here's this week's challenges...

Part 1:

This week's first challenge comes from Amber Teamann in Texas.  Her video challenge is about Smore.  A great free tool that allows you to make some cool online newsletters and such.  You can watch her video HERE.

Her next part covers how she has used Twitter on her campus as an administrator and the neat little function called "Fast Follow".  You'll definitely want to read THIS post to learn more!

Your challenge this week is to create your own Smore, and then to read Amber's blog post (and leave a comment).  Once completed you can fill out THIS Google Form.

Part 2:

I come across many great resources, but one of my favorite is Sophia.  Sophia is an online platform that I use for flipping my classroom.  They have over 40,000 videos already made by other educators.  Plus Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is a Sophia partner and has exclusive content on their site!

The best part?  Sophia has partnered with Capella University to offer FREE certifications.  You can get Flipped Classroom Certified, iPad Certified, Chrome Classroom Certified, or Virtual Classroom Certified....ALL FOR FREE!!!  And you get a nifty little certificate and t-shirt out of it! Go HERE to see the certifications.

What is your challenge this week?  Create a Sophia account, play around on the website, and choose 1 (or more) of the certifications to complete.  Once you've completed your certification take a picture with your certificate and tweet it to the #SummerLS hashtag.  Then fill out THIS Google Form.

Happy learning this week!  Remember to continue to tweet all your learning with the #SummerLS hashtag!


  1. Today is the first time I've ever heard of Smore but I'm pumped to start using it! TY summer learning series.

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