Friday, August 15, 2014

Challenge Week 11

Well, we've reached the end of our #SummerLS.  I can't express enough what an experience this has been from me.  From originally planning this for my staff of 36, to now having over 2,000 people from 8 different countries participate.

Thank you each and every one for learning this summer.  I DO plan on continuing this once a month throughout the school year (on this same blog), and we'll continue to use the same hashtag :)

This week's final challenge is brought to you!  And it's all about Google Hangouts!

You can watch the video challenge HERE.

When you're done with the challenge you can fill out THIS Google Form

(***On a side note: lots of people asked about not having a Google Form to fill out last week.  The goal was to have you tweet your Classroom Champions learning.  BUT I went ahead and created THIS Google Form for you to fill out from last week's challenge!)

See you online!

***like the video said, if you would like notifications of upcoming challenges, go to our first post and fill out the Google form (if you haven't already; most have)

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