Friday, August 8, 2014

Challenge Week 10

We are in our second to last #SummerLS Challenge!  Thank you everyone for following and learning with us.

This week's challenge is one that is very near and dear to my heart.  Almost 2 years ago I connected with an organzation called Classroom Champions.  This is an organization that I continue to work with to this day because of what they seek to do.  You can read several of my blog posts that talk about things my class was able to do by being a part of Classroom Champions.  You can read one HERE.  And if you read THIS post you can see how our athlete, Paralympic Gold Medalist Joshua Sweeney, changed an entire campus.

My good friend, and Olypmic Gold Medalist, Steve Mesler, co-found Classroom Champions with his sister Leigh.

And this week's challenge comes straight from Steve Mesler himself.  You can watch his video challenge HERE.

How do you complete this challenge?  Excatly what the video says, you watch his TED Talk, watch a Goal Setting video by one of two olympic atheletes, and then TWEET him and Classroom Champions about your learning using the #SummerLS hashtag.

Also, make sure you add Classroom Champions to your circle on Google+ to follow the journey of Paralympic Medalist Lex Gillette as he uses Google Glass this year to teach even more kids!

I can't wait to see the ideas you guys come up with!

Happy Learning!

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